Follow the steps below to obtain debug-logs from Android devices on your Windows PC. On your Windows Computer, download and Install Android SDK. Once the installation completes, Android SDK will launch automatically. Select and Install Android Platform Tools. Connect your Android device to your Windows PC via USB cable.

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log4j Tutorial - Tutorialspoint log4j is a reliable, fast and flexible logging framework (APIs) written in Java, which is distributed under the Apache Software License. log4j is a popular logging package written in Java. log4j has been ported to the C, C++, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby, and Eiffel languages

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Some Android devices might ask for the root permission to initialize the flashing process. In that case, you need to root your Android device to get the root privileges. Be careful and mindful while you root your Android device. You may lose the warranty support of your Android by rooting the device.