ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such object (16) Doing an LDAP search with a SASL bind e.g. [lance]% ldapsearch -LLL -s base -b '' '(objectClass=*)' + ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such object (16) In this instance the sasl libraries were not installed. Install the libraries and restart the LDAP server.

Apr 01, 2008 Exploiting LDAP Server NULL Bind – n00py Blog First some quick notes on enumeration before we dive into exploitation. LDAP servers with anonymous bind can be picked up by a simple Nmap scan using version detection. LDAP typically listens on port 389, and port 636 for secure LDAP. $ sudo nmap x.x.X.x -Pn -sV PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 636/tcp open ssl/ldap (Anonymous bind OK) [MS-ADTS]: SASL Authentication | Microsoft Docs The support of SASL bind in Active Directory is consistent with section 4.2.1 and . The following SASL mechanisms are supported by Active Directory. They are briefly described in "LDAP SASL Mechanisms", section GSS_SPNEGO . GSSAPI . EXTERNAL [RFC2829] DIGEST-MD5

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Apr 01, 2008

Re: ldapsearch with simple bind to active directory Jun 05, 2002 The LDAP Bind Operation – LDAP.com Bind operations are used to authenticate clients (and the users or applications behind them) to the directory server, to establish an authorization identity that will be used for subsequent operations processed on that connection, and to specify the LDAP protocol version that the client will use. Authentication consists of at least two parts: identifying who…