However, Premium users can sync up to 3,333 tracks from Spotify’s library for offline listening on up to three different devices (including your computer). Spotify has yet to issue a family-type subscription that offers discounts for members of the same household or increased privileges that allow streaming from more than one account at a time.

Sep 28, 2018 Is it possible to use a single Spotify account for whole For single user accounts, Spotify limits you to 3 devices. To be clear, you can be logged in and save music offline on a total of 3 devices. Upon attempting to access your account with a 4th device, you’ll be asked to remove one device from your l How to share Spotify Premium with your family - CNET Sadly, Spotify didn't make upgrading your account from Premium to Family any more intuitive, and user management could use some work. Nonetheless, here is how to upgrade your Spotify account and

Jul 24, 2020

Solved: Multiple users with same premium account - Spotify Example: I have Spotify premium, and a Sonos player at home (A great combo, btw.), which my gf and I both use to listen to music. We listen to stuff we both like when we're together, but often listen to stuff we don't necessarily share the same enthusiasm for, when the other isn't around. How many devices can i use under one premium - Spotify

To download songs and use offline mode, you need to have a Premium subscription to Spotify. If you already have one, you can skip this section. If you're using Spotify on an iPhone, you can't upgrade in the app - you need to do through the Spotify website. (Android users can also upgrade here too, or you can do it through the app).

Jun 23, 2020 Use Premium Spotify Account on Two Devices - Instructables