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How to surf the Web on Smart TVs from LG? Step 2 From the icon bar at the bottom of the screen, select "Internet" to open the browser of LG Smart TV. Step 3. With the browser open, some tabs will be performed automatically. The interface is very similar to desktop browsers. To access your favorite website, just use the arrows on the remote to get to the bar type in an address, press How to Connect and Watch Internet Content on Your TV My wife can't live without the DVR and as long as you pay for one box, you can stream your entire cable service (complete with TV guide) on a streaming app using the Smart TV or streaming device. So we use the DVR/Cable box on the largest screen TV in the house and use Roku devices on the others. Samsung Smart TV unable to connect to internet (suddenly

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Oct 17, 2019 · It is vital that you keep your firmware up-to-date with all devices, Hitachi smart TVs included. Make sure to keep your firmware/OS up-to-date at all times to avoid potential issues. Keep It Updated. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with apps on your Hitachi TV, it is important that you keep your apps, OS, and firmware up-to-date. Your Smart TV needs to send its audio signal to your AV receiver in order for you to properly hear the sound coming from your Smart TV's apps. Without proper cabling, you'll see your Smart TV apps on-screen, but you'll have no sound coming from your Home Theater System. Your TV may be getting picture, but it won't be sending sound to your receiver.