Jul 14, 2017 · Even though .ssh was 644 and authorized_keys was set to 600, the users home folder needed to be at 755. Only about 4 hours of looking around on the Synology forums to find it. Only about 4 hours of looking around on the Synology forums to find it.

Nov 25, 2018 · Connect with PuTTY (Windows) PuTTY is a popular opensource SSH and Telnet client, you can download it here. I opt for the.exe over the.msi installer, since it’s light weight and portable. Create a connection to your Synology NAS with PuTTY: May 06, 2018 · Synology's default home folders setup prevents SSH from using Key-based authentication. Reducing the amount of privileges on the home drive solves the issue. Also, nice to know, you can debug your ssh logins by running the daemon in debug mode: sudo /bin/sshd -d -p 1234 Jul 12, 2014 · Log into your system with an administrator account and open the 1Control Panelapplet. From there, click on 2Terminal & SNMP, 3Enabled SSH service, and 4Apply. Jun 14, 2018 · restart the SSH service, either using synoservicectl --restart sshd or by disabling and re-enabling the SSH service in Control panel > Terminal &SNMP if you added your user to the administrators group at the beginning of this procedure, you can now remove it form the group (except if this is the same user you want to add keys to, keep reading) Apr 07, 2019 · Enable SSH by checking the check mark for “Enable SSH service” and click “Apply”. Afterwards you can connect to the DS by SSH using “root” as the user and your admin password as the password. You can now use SSH to connect to the DS and use rsync to backup your files. For system security reasons, root access to Synology NAS is limited. If you need to get the root permission, please sign in to your DSM in the command line interface (e.g. PuTTY) with any account credentials belonging to the Local Administrators group, and then run the sudo -i command to switch to root access.

Jun 21, 2020 · Demonstrating the process of initiating and running a LAN backup from a Linux host to the Synology DS920+ NAS. Over SSH. By: Daniel Rosehill. www.danielroseh

Categories Configuration Administration Tags MySQL SSH Synology So I bought one of those fancy Synology NAS devices. Since i often to build quite complex environments it seemed as a nice thing to place my iSCSI shares on a central NAS station instead of hosting them on Windows, then I noticed that the device also had support to run MySQL

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SynoMan submitted a new resource: How to SSH into a NAS? - A tutorial on how to SSH into a Synology NAS In DSM go to Control Panel > Terminal & SNMP > Terminal tab Check Enable SSH service and set your port. Open Terminal (Mac) (on Windows machine open CMD (Command Prompt) or PuTTY