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Sep 24, 2018 SSL - AirVPN Using AirVPN with SSL Tunnel. GNU GPL 2 license. Under Windows we provide a portable .zip version. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide communication security over the Internet. OpenVPN is already a VPN solution based on SSL/TLS. AirVPN - The air to breathe the real Internet - AirVPN OpenVPN is the most reliable and secure solution for encrypted tunnels, offering a higher than military degree of security. Forget PPTP or other unsecure protocols. We offer OpenVPN on ports 80 TCP / UDP, 443 TCP / UDP and 53 TCP / UDP. Additionally, every Air server supports directly OpenVPN over SSH, OpenVPN over SSL and OpenVPN over Tor. Top 10 Linux VPN Clients and Services For You To Get Protected

The open source project client program is the main method of getting your Linux system connected to the Access Server. The package is available in most distributions and is known simply as openvpn. Note that this is a different package from the OpenVPN Access Server, which is titled openvpnas or openvpn …

The best Linux VPN 2020 | TechRadar AirVPN runs an OpenVPN-based service, and takes pride in being highly transparent and open about its network. The service is customizable and the native Linux app runs on 64-bit, 32-bit, and ARM GitHub - corrad1nho/qomui: Qomui (Qt OpenVPN Management UI)

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Using AirVPN with Linux from Terminal - How-To - AirVPN. Staff 8448. Posted 04/23/2014. Download your configuration file from the page Config Generator. If you don't already have the OpenVPN package installed in your system, you can tick Advanced Mode and … Hummingbird - readme - AirVPN Open Source Project by AirVPN (https://airvpn.org) Linux and macOS design, development and coding by ProMIND Special thanks to the AirVPN community for the valuable help, support, suggestions and testing. Hummingbird needs a valid OpenVPN profile in order to connect to a server.