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Local DNS resolver - Atomicorp Wiki Feb 13, 2019 Metaglossary.com - Definitions for "loopback address" Other IPv6 special addresses are:unspecified address, site-local address,link-local address,multicast and anycast addresses. angelfire.com The IP address, which has been specified by the Internet Engineering Task Force as the IP address to use in conjunction with a loopback driver to route outgoing packets back to the source computer.

Oct 14, 2016

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What is difference between localhost address and The following screen capture tells an interesting story. Effectively, it shows that is the true loopback address. Thus, is there for reasons other than that of basic IP networking. As mentioned by @Videonauth, the line is there as a crutch, a fix, to make finicky software be happy.. In my view, the loopback entry should almost always be in /etc/hosts. what does mean