May 25, 2019 · There is a particularly nasty new phishing effort in the name of PayPal which just started going around this week. Rather than the typical “update your account” request, which fewer and fewer people are falling for, this one says “New email address added to your PayPal account!”, and tells you that you, or someone, has successfully updated your PayPal account by adding an additional

PayPal Help Center - Change Email How do I update my email address? You may add up to eight email addresses to your PayPal account. Remember that each email address can only be associated to one PayPal account at a time. You must update the email address used on the PayPal account instead of using a new account. Changing the PayPal account email in WooCommerce will break the connection between PayPal and WooCommerce Subscriptions for all subscriptions created with the old PayPal account. To change the email address used at PayPal, please follow PayPal’s Unfortunetely the only way is to cancel all bids and end the auction, then relist it. I really wish ebay would allow us to change the payment address in case erros like this are made or for other reasons. Even after auction ends and you send them an invoice would be nice to change the paypal email used. Jun 03, 2019 · Due to size constraints, mobile email apps often hide the email address entirely and only show the display name, which can be very misleading. Ensure that the address completely matches a real web address for PayPal. Additionally, make sure that the entire web address is legitimate. Any email coming from PayPal will have an email address that

Managing your account information

You would need to remove the email address from the PayPal donation settings of any other account using it. After you've removed that email address from all other accounts, you will be able to add it to your account. I do hope this information helps, sorry for any complications! If you have further issues with this, please feel free to email us how to change the payment email address for paypal - The Sep 07, 2006

The most likely answer to this is that you didnt actually check what Paypal email address was on the listing itself. Even if you change all your email addresses in eBay and Paypal you still need to check on the listing page as you go through the listing process to make sure the old one is not on there.

Oct 15, 2016